Miss NARC & SP Queens Contest Rules


I. Miss NARC & SP shall act as an ambassador of the N.A.R.C. & S.P. at any and all playdays, parades, rodeos, and alike functions. Miss NARC & SP Queen should always present herself in a dignified manner in her personal attire and conduct. Miss NARC & SP shall be of high morals and posses leadership qualities. The Miss NARC & SP will reign from January 1 to December 31. The candidate selected as Miss NARC & SP shall be crowned at the annual October Convention dance.


II. Code of Conduct

Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. nor Queen Contestants shall not participate in excessive displays of public affection while representing the Association at any function. Queen nor Queen Representatives shall not use foul or vulgar language. Queen nor Queen Representatives shall not use any tobacco products or alcohol while at a club, district or national function or while representing the Association at any other functions.


III. Qualifications for Miss NARC & SP


A. Contestants must be a paid member of the NARC & SP as of December 31, two years prior to the contest. All contestants shall be single, never before married, nor pregnant, nor have born a child and never charged or convicted of a crime. Contestants must be 16 years of age by January 1 of the reigning year and not more that 22 years of age as of January 1 of the reigning year.


B. The application deadline for Miss NARC & SP is June 1 each year at 6:00 p.m. The application and activity sheets may be mailed or hand-delivered to the NARC&SP Queen’s Chairperson. If the application is mailed, please allow five (5) days for mail delivery. Regardless of how the application and activity sheets are delivered, they must be delivered by the deadline.


C. Activity sheets, along with her application, must be presented and signed by each contestant’s District President, Club President and District Queen’s Chairperson for verification of at least 50% participation in club and district activities in the competing year. She must have also competed in a District or Club Queen or Sweetheart completion.


D. A list of all contestants will be furnished to all members one (1) week after the entry deadline, by the National Queen Chairperson. All questions regarding eligibility of any contestant, morally or otherwise should be brought to the National Queen Chairperson within ten (10) calendar days of date of notice of contestants. All complaints will be investigated by the National Queen Chairperson with a report to be given to the National President, if action is necessary.


E. If the candidate is a student, her grades should be good enough to permit some absence from school. If the candidate is not in school, she must have graduated from high school or the equivalent.

F. It is suggested that an informational meeting be held for the parents and contestants prior to any appearance made as a Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. Queen Contestant. This informative meeting with go over expectations of contestants and rules of the contest.


G. Contestants will draw an identification number to be worn during the entire competition.


H. Queen Contestants cannot be introduced as a Queen Contestant until after June 1 deadline.


I. All contestants, excluding at the Queens’ Playday, are to be introduced after all royalty and officers at N.A.R.C. & S.P. events.


J. Contestants who are currently performing duties as a District or Club Queen/Sweetheart will not be introduced in that capacity at N.A.R.C. & S.P. Events. They will be introduced as a Miss NARC & SP Queen contestant and acknowledged as representing their respective club or district. They shall not wear a crown or tiara on their hat. Contestants may not wear the N.A.R.C. & S.P. colors consisting of white and gold worn together as an ensemble. Gold may only be worn as an accessory.

K. District queen chairpersons with contestants who are currently district queens or sweethearts will be responsible for identifying a substitute representative for all N.A.R.C. & S.P.s functions such as Queens’ playday, Drill, and October Convention.

L. All contestants must wear a sash. Sash should not be over five (5) inches wide and thirty (30) inches long, white with black lettering. Sash shall read “Contestant”.

M. The current Miss NARC & SP shall act as a host and example for the candidates for the next Miss NARC & SP. She shall write a letter to all candidates no later than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the riding competition, outlining the activities of the contest and include suggestions as to the appropriate apparel.






IV. Attire


A. Under the supervision of the National Queens Chairperson, Miss NARC & SP shall wear complete western queen attire, such as a white and gold suit, western boots, and western hat when representing the N.A.R.C.& S.P. at all functions including, but not limited to Conventions, Parades, Rodeos, Playdays, other promotional events and any other National event. Western queen attire is defined as a creased western hat, long sleeve, tucked in shirt, long pants, western boots, tiara, and sash. Neither blue jeans nor riding shoes will be allowed, as they are considered casual.


B. She must be introduced in full western Queen attire.




V. Duties of the Queen


1. Make open playdays with or without an invitation.

2. Always have her uniform available in case it is needed.

3. Make a personal reply to each invitation to make an appearance.

4. Have an article published in the Horsetales every month.

5. Be on time, at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the function.

6. Mix and mingle with Association members at any functions

7. Coordinate appearances with the NARC & SP Wrangler and President prior to the date of the activities.

8. She is to keep a scrapbook of her activities.

9. Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. is a good-will ambassador for the N.A.R.C. & S.P. and it is suggested that she make as many appearances as possible outside National functions, such as parades, playdays and other district or club sponsored events.


10. She must attend and compete in 75% or more National functions during her reign.


11. Extensive travel is required as Miss NARC & SP Queen’s own expense. She should have access to all the equipment necessary to appear as a representative of the N.A.R.C. & S.P.

12. Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. has voting rights.

13. It shall be the Miss NARC & SP Queen’s responsibility to notify the National Queen’s Chairperson in the event she is unable to serve at any function. The Chairperson, in turn, will notify the First Runner-up to fill in. When the First Runner-Up represents the N.A.R.C. & S.P., she will be held to the same standards and rules as the reigning Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P.

14. The immediate past Miss NARC & SP Queen shall be an honorary member of the Miss NARC & SP Queen Committee for a period of one year.



VI. The Miss NARC & SP contest shall consist of:


1. Riding Competition

2. Personal Interviews

3. Speech & Impromptu Questions

4. Grooming & Appearance

5. Delegate Vote

6. Secret Panel Judges (2009)


A. Miss NARC & SP shall be selected by a panel of at least four judges who shall have no connection with the N.A.R.C. & S.P. or any member club. The National Queens Committee shall appoint the judges.


B. The judges of the Miss NARC & SP Contest will base their score on a 20-point maximum per category. The categories they will judge are riding, appearance and grooming, poise and personality, and speech. Each category must be judged by at least two judges.


C. The riding competition should be held prior to the Queen’s Playday or not later than two (2) weeks before the October Convention. There will be a personal interview by the judges at the riding competition. Each girl is to ride her own horse.


D. A 2-3 minutes speech will be given at the October Convention in front of the delegates and judges.


E. Two (2) impromptu questions will be selected by the Queens Committee and asked to each candidate at the October Convention. One (1) question, submitted by each Queen Contestant, will be randomly drawn by the contestant herself and asked to that candidate at the October Convention. There will be a personal interview by the judges at the October Convention. (2005)


F. The fifth category is a popular delegate vote at the October Convention. The formula for calculating the popular delegate vote being the number of votes each contestant received divided by the number of voting delegates multiplied by 20. For Example: If there are 100 delegates and a contestant received 62 delegate votes, then the calculation would be 62/100 X 20 or 12.4 points.


G. The (2009) sixth category will consist of a secret panel of at least five (5) current N.A.R.C. & S.P. members chosen by the National Queens Chairperson and National President. The judges will be chosen by June 1. The secret panel judges are to turn in their score sheets to the National Queens Chairperson no later than 10:00 a.m. the day of the October Convention. (2010)


H. Immediately following each phase of judging, the score sheets will be sealed in envelopes and signed by the respective judge and a N.A.R.C.& S.P. Officer or Committee Chairperson. Point value per category will be determined by adding together the judges’ points and dividing that number by the number of judges with a maximum of 20 points per category.


I. The Miss NARC & SP Queens Committee, as a whole (District Committee members and National Chairperson), shall tally the judging sheets each year. In the case of a tie, the delegate’s vote will be used to break the tie. These sheets shall be open to any member of the association to inspect the day after the crowning of the New Miss NARC & SP Queen.


J. At the October Queens Ceremony, Miss NARC & SP will be presented with the customary tiara and banner (which are passed down), trophy, and a check for $900 to cover the expense of her wardrobe. The First Runner-Up receives a check for $75.00 and the Second Runner-Up receives a check for $50.00.


K. At the January Convention,(2009) the Queen will be presented with a belt buckle, trailer signs, saddle pad cover, scrapbook, stationery, permanent tiara, permanent banner, lettered saddle, breast harness, and headstall. The current Queens Chairperson is responsible for getting all of the above items for the new queen before leaving office December 31.


L. The NARC & SP is to buy a lettered saddle, breast harness, and headstall not to exceed a combined cost as determined by the budget and approved by the delegates. Miss NARC & SP’s name shall be engraved on a nameplate attached to the saddle and not tooled into the leather.


M. The Queens Committee will award a $1000.00 (2002) scholarship to the Queen each year. The scholarship check will be made payable to the school of education of her choice.. If the Queen is in high school, the scholarship will be available up to five (5) year after she graduates. If she is in college, the scholarship will be available up to five (5) years after her reign. This scholarship will be set aside for the reigning Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. at the end of her reign.

N. In the event a member of the N.A.R.C. & S.P. feels Miss NARC & SP, during her reign, has not or cannot fulfill her responsibilities, the member must first file a written complaint. Both the Club President and one other officers of the member club along with their respective district chairperson must sign the complaint. In turn, the District shall contact the National Queens Chairperson to call a special meeting of the entire committee. If the committee feels the complaint is valid, the National Queens Chairperson shall contact the N.A.R.C. & S.P. President to request he or she call an executive board meeting for an investigation. In the event it becomes necessary to have Miss NARC & SP resign, it will be the responsibility of the National Queens Chairperson to dismiss her and notify the First Runner-Up to serve as Miss NARC & SP.


O. In the event Miss NARC & SP voluntarily resigns or is terminated from her office, all items issued to her will be immediately be returned and become property of the N.A.R.C. & S.P. Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. must keep an itemized list of all wardrobe expenses along with all receipts of her wardrobe purchases. Any portion of the money that is not accounted for in the itemized list must be repaid to the N.A.R.C. & S.P. within ten (10) calendar days after resignation or termination.


P. In the event of resignation or termination, the First Runner-Up will be asked to assume the Miss NARC & SP responsibilities and acquires all items issued to the resigned or terminated Miss N.A.R.C. & S.P. The N.A.R.C. & S.P. General Fund will provide an $825.00 wardrobe allowance, a new banner, a new belt buckle and a new engraved saddle plate. The First Runner-Up will be provided the customary tiara and banner (which are passed down), trophy, trailer signs, saddle pad cover, scrapbook, stationary, permanent tiara, saddle, breast collar and headstall. With the exception of the items passed down, at the end of the year, these items belong to her.